«KANEX» Group
, Russia, Moscow region, Moscow, 13 2nd Zvenigorodskaya St, bldg. 37
Phone: +7(495) 137 90 90
E-Mail: info@kanex.ru
Fax: +7(495) 137 90 90

Installation supervision and commissioning

Installation supervision and commissioning

Commissioning includes organizational and technical preparation involving the integrated testing and adjustment of equipment and bringing its load into line with the design capacity.

Kanex Group offers professional services of installation supervision and commissioning for putting the equipment manufactured and delivered into operation. Our installation supervision and commissioning services cover all the utility systems of the enterprise: electricity, gas, water, heating. At the request of the customer, we participate in the installation and commissioning of equipment supplied by third-party contractors.  
The extensive experience, high qualification of the specialists as well as exceptional quality of the equipment allow us to hand over to the customer a properly functioning equipment and guarantee its uninterrupted operation.
KANEX STROI division, the engineering center of KANEX Group, is the provider of the commissioning and installation supervision services.

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