«KANEX» Group
, Russia, Moscow region, Moscow, 13 2nd Zvenigorodskaya St, bldg. 37
Phone: +7(495) 137 90 90
E-Mail: info@kanex.ru
Fax: +7(495) 137 90 90

Equipment supply

Equipment supply

We deal with leading suppliers of industrial equipment and materials and our customers receive any modern equipment and machinery that can significantly increase the productivity of the production facilities.

KANEX TECHNOLOGY JSC is the supplier of products of Russian and foreign manufacturers.

Strong Miners is the supplier of products of Chinese and Korean manufacturers.
Our standard product range includes over 30,000 price list items:
  • conveyor equipment;
  •  metal structures;
  •  ventilation and heat exchange equipment;
  • mineral processing equipment and materials;
  •  drilling tools;
  •  mining equipment;
  • grinding equipment;
  • crane and lifting equipment;
  • variable frequency drives;
  • mine hoisting equipment;
  • power engineering and boiler equipment;
  • mine cars and spare parts for them;
  • pumping and compressor equipment and its spare parts;
  • basalt products and products with basalt coating.

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