«KANEX» Group
, Russia, Moscow region, Moscow, 13 2nd Zvenigorodskaya St, bldg. 37
Phone: +7(495) 137 90 90
E-Mail: info@kanex.ru
Fax: +7(495) 137 90 90

About the company

KANEX Group is a Russian multi-industry holding company that has over 20 years’ experience in production of mining, mineral processing and conveyor equipment, development of engineering expertise, supply of a wide range of industrial equipment and materials, industrial design and construction as well as civil engineering and includes a mine workings and development division.
Structure of the company

Production of mining and mineral processing equipment.


Production of metal processing equipment.


Supply of equipment, spare parts and materials.


Enterprise design.


Mine workings and development.

KANEX Group is a team of professionals with many years of experience in designing ore dressing and refining plants of various capacities for any climatic operating conditions and geological structure of the deposits developed.

Our specialists have competence in drawing up any project documentation as well as integration of equipment, automation facilities and auxiliary components from different manufacturers.

Land surveying and research

We have a broad experience of conducting geological surveys in regions with all kinds of environmental conditions including the Arctic zone and the Extreme North. The good qualification of our employees and the use of state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge software make up a guarantee of projects completion to the highest engineering standards.

Preparation of technology regulations

Our experts prepare the necessary documentation for any technological process or its stages guaranteeing customers production process safety, high quality of final products, optimization of personnel working conditions and efficient equipment operation.

Project development and compliance management

We develop projects of processing plants for all types of mineral raw materials and processing methods. Our scope of services also covers submission of project documentation to the state expert appraisal bodies and obtaining their approval, which means for the customer that the work will be completed on schedule.

Equipment and technologies development

Our own research and production infrastructure opens for us the opportunity to develop new technologies and produce equipment in accordance with specific requirements of the customers making them market leaders and giving them a competitive advantage in the long run.
KANEX Group assumes responsibility to the customer for all the tasks and activities related to technical systems of a mining enterprise, namely equipment selection, serviceability testing, purchase, transportation and handing over for installation.

Thanks to the well-established organizational and logistic connections with a wide range of manufacturers we can easily solve complex issues of turnkey supply arrangements, retrofitting and manufacturing of unconventional equipment components and assemblies.

Production and supply of equipment and materials

Our products help customers exploit their deposits efficiently contributing to significant productivity increase and work safety improvement. We also deal with leading suppliers of industrial equipment and materials and our customers receive any ultramodern equipment and machinery to implement their large-scale complex projects.

In-process monitoring of equipment production

We carefully monitor the manufacturing process and based on the monitoring results our customers receive a detailed report on the production progress, materials and components used, their conformity to the design requirements, compliance with technical rules and standards and other parameters that may affect the efficiency and reliability of their own production systems in future.

Equipment integration into plant systems

We equip ore dressing and refining plants from scratch and also carry out modernization of individual workshops of the existing plants by selecting and configuring equipment from different suppliers for operation in one system with maximum efficiency. Our solutions not only help to achieve the highest profitability and productivity of the plant but also ensure environmental safety.

Customer equipment analysis

The technological audit that we conduct at enterprises of our customers is an opportunity for them to obtain true and reliable information on the condition of the equipment and machinery, technical and technological solutions used as well as to identify the areas for optimization for the entire facility or its parts to achieve the design capacity or increase the volume of production.
Construction (construction, installation supervision, commissioning)
KANEX Group offers a full range of works to provide all the required infrastructure, buildings and structures for a project and is responsible for equipment installation and commissioning.

Close cooperation with a large number of specialized subcontractors and access to materials allow us to organize, manage and monitor construction in remote areas effectively.

Mine development

We participate in major Russian mining projects providing turnkey mine development services. We help our customers create a more efficient production structure by way of reducing the operating and capital expenses associated with drifting and tunneling operations and purchase and maintenance of special-purpose machinery.

Technical supervision and audit

The extensive experience of KANEX Group in infrastructure development and exploitation of ore deposits made it one of the leading companies providing the supervision services of technical audit for ore dressing and refining plants. Our experts not only help identify process flow bottlenecks but also offer optimization solutions.

Modification, modernization and optimization of existing production facilities

Our experts devise various methods of increasing the efficiency of process equipment, improving product characteristics, reducing the production cycle duration, cutting losses and prime cost. Their efforts result in obtaining the solution that best suits the strategic goals of the customer.

Installation supervision and commissioning

We carry out installation supervision and commissioning of all utility systems of the enterprise. In addition, at the request of the customer, we participate in the installation and commissioning of equipment supplied by third-party contractors. The qualifications of our specialists is a guarantee of high quality of the work and long failure-free operation of the equipment.

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