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In 2018 KANEX Group organized a laboratory to address a number of issues related to the protection of mineral processing and chemical equipment. In particular, they included the creation of a ceramic lining for hydrocyclones using the method of self-propagating high-temperature synthesis (SHS) as well as a thin-film PVDF coating for chemical equipment elements.

Insoluble titanium anodes

In mid-2019 KANEX Group laboratory announced the creation of insoluble titanium anodes with an active iridium dioxide coating. The alternative method for the preparation of iridium oxide and ruthenium oxide coatings and their application to a titanium base was developed from scratch during a period of little over half a year.

We created a technology of applying active iridium and ruthenium dioxide coating to the titanium-based insoluble anodes used for electroextraction of non-ferrous metals (nickel, copper) from solutions. The uniqueness of this method lies in the fact that, unlike other methods existing in the domestic market, it has a higher productivity and adaptability and meets the modern requirements of industrial and environmental safety.

The coating allows for the anodes use for up to two years in severe conditions: high current density (up to 10 kA/m2), emission of moist gaseous chlorine and atomic oxygen at high temperatures (up to +90 °C). In moderate conditions the anode service life is up to five years. Such products are highly demanded in electroplating, non-ferrous metals processing, production of chlorine, oxygen, hydrogen and caustic soda.

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